Expenses related to travel and entertainment (T&E) account for upwards of 7%-to-10% of the average company’s overall budget. Business trips associated with customer development, client meetings, sales conferences, and other corporate travel are often considered a (high) cost of conducting typical organizational business.  Aberdeen research in 2011 outlined three pillars of expense management for a […]

Aberdeen research in 2011 discovered that companies spent nearly 22% more in 2010 than in 2009 on corporate events, a figure which proves the validity of such a complex category of corporate spending. Although we’re several months away from my next Strategic Meetings Management research study (scheduled to publish on July 1), some recent marketplace […]

 Let there be no doubt that we live in an age where a flexible workforce is a major key in achieving business and organizational goals. Reliance on independent contractors, consultants and temporary workers assists the average company with meeting (and exceeding) objectives related to short- and long-term enterprise projects. Aberdeen research in 2011 found that nearly […]

Over five years ago, during my first CPO Summit, I witnessed the convergence of the world’s preeminent procurement and sourcing professionals work together and share viable strategies for improving their businesses. It’s comforting to know, half a decade later, that CPOs are still striving for excellence and seeking procurement transformation as a means of surviving […]

In my years covering the contingent workforce management market, there have been three major solutions that Best-in-Class organizations have heavily relied upon to drive process improvements and enhance their overall management of the modern contingent workforce umbrella. Managed Service Providers (MSP), Vendor Management Systems (VMS) and Independent Contractor Engagement Specialists (ICES) solutions have provided companies […]

“Independent contractors play a vital role in allowing us to have a more agile workforce, as well as access to specific skills when we require them.” And so states an executive from a large, North American-based software company. The very truth is that this particular executive is only one of the many across the country […]

There is no doubt that contingent workforce management remains a significant and viable force as companies continue to conduct business in flow with shifting economic conditions. This year has seen a wealth of Aberdeen research focused on best practices, recommendations and Best-in-Class strategies for managing the modern contingent workforce umbrella. I encourage you to join […]

Next week, Aberdeen will publish my Independent Contractor Engagement and Management study. The research report, which is the first of its kind in the contingent workforce management space, will delve deeper into the independent contractor (IC) arena and unveil highlights, perceptions, capabilities and strategies for companies currently relying on independent contractors, consultants and other types […]

Cloud-based technology did not take long to invade the comforts of procurement, sourcing and complex category management. My research over the past year has reinforced the powerful notion of the cloud as a viable option for procurement, purchasing and financial professionals in overall spend management. Cloud e-procurement and expense management solution provider, Coupa, invited me […]

Over the past year-and-a-half, I have been consistently referring to a blanket term: the contingent labor umbrella. This term is utilized to detail and define the various aspects of temporary labor that now comprise the modern contingent workforce. SOW-based projects and services were a major focus for my latest Contingent Labor Management research study; rightfully […]